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With our streamlined virtual model you only hire who you need for your project. Nothing more.

Branding isn’t a job to me. It’s a way of thinking.

Hi. I’m Jeff Livak, and this is what I do. It’s what I think about all day, every day. It’s who I am. How we, as designers, look at the world is what makes us different from everyone else. In business different is a good thing.

I’ve worked for a major branding firm with international clients and huge budgets. I’ve also worked with bootstrapping entrepreneurs in need of a great identity to live up to their unwaivering determination. With over ten years of experience in the branding world, I have had the great pleasure of working with some exceptional clients and colleagues. The experience and network I have gained in that time has put me where I am today, eager to help your business find its voice and its wardrobe.

Want to learn more about the man behind the curtain?
Check out the blog post about the early story here.

Like a vegan marathoner, we run lean.

Many projects only require the services of one designer, that’s me. Whenever a project requires more hand on deck I have a great network of people around me that I can bring in to make sure we deliver everything you need to develop a great brand.

If you need a logo designed, why should you have to pay for an accountant, a web developer, a conference room and a custodial crew? You shouldn’t. You should pay for what you need and that’s it. With our scalable virtual model we are able to leverage our network of specialists to build a team specific to your project. You get the best people for the task at hand and we strip away all of the overhead. In the end you get more bang for your buck and we get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of collaboration.

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Over the last 5 years, Jeff has proven himself to be an invaluable member of the team. Time and time again I find myself bringing him in on projects. His passion for design coupled with an unending well of creativity make him a go-to resource for any creative assignment!Ben Dybas, Creative DirectorBearings Branding
The first day Jeff was on my team it was clear that we had found a great designer. Jeff took charge of the project at hand and was determined to stay on task until the job was done. Over the course of the time I worked with Jeff, his passion for design, and energy to push projects to the next level was clear. I would highly recommend Jeff as a creative asset for any design team.Jonathan Wheeler, Senior DesignerRichmond Homes
Jeff is hard-working, ambitious with an eye for details. He keeps deadlines and manages projects with the same energy and focus. Jeff is very thorough and professional in every task he commits to, and his creative abilities are both broad and tactical. He always delivers and is a pleasure to work with.Nina Stockstill, Managing DirectorMonigle Associates
Jeff is one of the best designers I’ve worked with. He’s ambitious, easy to work with, very talented, and will take your design to the level of creativity you desire. If you’re looking for a top notch designer I would highly recommend Jeff.Chris Davis, Director, MarketingMonigle Associates
Jeff is a creative breath of fresh air. I managed Jeff’s identity design activities for several years and found Jeff to consistently give more than required and always with a fresh twist. Easy to work with and reliable in crunch time, I highly recommend Jeff.Tom Webb, PrincipalBearings Branding
I have had the pleasure of partnering with Jeff on several major brand identity programs. Jeff’s keen ability to translate strategic imperatives into a visual strategy not only resulted in comprehensive visual systems and brand identities, but also delivered many “Aha!” moments that rounded out the overall brand strategy. He is truly an inspired and thoughtful creative.Brian Elkins, Senior Strategy ConsultantHeart+Mind Strategies
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